Premium quality

 Made with the highest quality ingredients and is brewed using a traditional method.

Love & Care

Tea is known for its many health benefits, and tea descriptions can highlight these benefits in a way that conveys love and care


Flavorful taste that is derived from the quality of the ingredients and the traditional brewing method.

Taste good

The organic ingredients are allowed to mature naturally, which gives them a richer flavor.

A taste of India in your cup

Chai Health Benefits

Chai is a good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Chai Preparation

There are many different ways to prepare chai. The most common method is to steep black tea leaves in hot water with milk and sugar.

Chai History

Chai was originally a drink for the wealthy, but it became more widely available in the 19th century. Today, chai is enjoyed all over the world.

Chai Variations

Darjeeling chai is made with Darjeeling black tea, which is known for its delicate flavor. Nilgiri chai is made with Nilgiri black tea, which is known for its sweet flavor.



About Us

Welcome to Hillcha Foods Private Limited. Our journey began with a resolute mission – to foster profound connections with every sip of tea. Experience the art of tea through our exceptional products: Gold, Premium, Elaichi, Royal each telling its unique story in every cup. Join us in savouring the essence of authentic tea culture.

At Hillcha Foods Private Limited, we're not just tea. Discover the world of tea excellence with Hillcha Foods – where you experience the freshness of hills in every sip.

why hillcha Tea ?

When it comes to choosing the perfect tea, Hillcha stands out for numerous reasons. Hillcha offers a wide variety of impeccable flavors that cater to all taste preferences


It can wake you up! Black tea leaves naturally contain caffeine and can give you lasting energy and focus—like a cup of coffee without the jitters.

Chai can help with nausea relief! Ginger not only adds a little kick to your chai but also can help soothe an upset stomach.

Naturally, chai is extremely healthy! You can choose to add milk or sweeteners to your chai or chai latte for taste, and the choice of milk or sweeteners will determine how healthy your chai will be. We suggest you experiment with different types of milk for your chai latte and see which option you prefer. We like either almond milk or oat milk, and both are options that contain less fat than traditional milk.

We recommend using loose-leaf chai within 12 months of purchase though storage depends somewhat on how the tea is stored. Proper storage means keeping it in an airtight container and in a drawer or pantry away from direct sunlight. When stored properly, loose-leaf chai will last longer – though it will not spoil over time, it will lose its potency.

The amount of caffeine in one cup of chai varies depending on a range of factors. Chai concentrate has less caffeine than loose-leaf tea, and loose-leaf tea has less caffeine than coffee. 

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